Sian possesses an ability to reframe what people believe about themselves. She is confronting, comforting, real, wise and funny.

Her core skill is in making a tangible difference in people’s working and personal lives by helping facilitate positive change and resolving conflict. Sian’s ability to be vulnerable in front of any audience and coax them into doing the same, regardless of job title, life story or ethnicity, demonstrates her commitment to sharing a unique talent that supports and inspires others.

In her working life, Sian has held high-powered management positions, including running children’s prisons for some of the UK’s most dangerous and unwanted adolescents.  Head of Inspection for Social Services, ensuring the care and protection of some of society’s most vulnerable people. Sian has whistle blown twice in her career, closing down an institution that had contributed to the emotional and physical abuse of the children in its care. Uncovering a multi-million dollar fraud, Sian was again faced with the choice of advocating for the vulnerable or turning a blind eye.

Outside this role in crisis management Sian contributed to the UK Government’s legislation on child protection and Sian has continued her work in the youth justice field in NZ. Sian has held several board positions including being Chair of the Grievance panel at NZ’s largest youth justice residence (child prison)

Her extraordinary personal journey includes experience of bullying and intimidation; learning difficulties and mental health; miscarriage and premature death; foster care and child rearing; cancer; redundancy; emigration and cultural alienation.

Professionally, over the past 30 years, she has fought for the rights of and given a voice to the vulnerable, the unrepresented and minority groups. This includes at-risk teens; autistic, deaf and blind children; adults with learning difficulties; the elderly; ethnic groups; families; divorced dads and women. 

Central to Sian’s career is her concept of ‘citizenship’. She believes her purpose is to contribute her time and talents to the world to improve it in some way. In her work, she helps others to unlock their human potential and in doing so, become advocates for positive social change. Following a lengthy career in social services and education, Sian established herself as a highly sought after professional coach and corporate advisor to businesses in crisis with a client base that spans the globe.