Following a lengthy career in social services, education and business, Sian established herself as a highly sought after professional coach and corporate advisor to companies or individuals with a desire to grow. Sian's client base spans the globe. 

Sian deals with the real issues of life, she is not afraid to ask the hard questions and does so with poise, humour and an uncanny knack of lasering in on the key points of an issue, to gain clarity and empower action.

This rich experience has given rise to Sian Jaquet Foundations™, a set of simple, effective processes which provide clients and workshop attendees with the means to sort through and redefine fundamental personal and professional issues that are holding them back in their relationships or career. 

Central to Sian’s purpose is her concept of ‘citizenship’. She believes her role in life is to contribute her time and talents to the world to improve it in some way. In her work, she helps others to unlock their human potential and in doing so, become advocates for positive social change. 

Sian possesses an ability to reframe what people believe about themselves. She is confronting, comforting, real, wise and funny.


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