Life Achievement

The outcome.

When I coach clients and we look at their Life Achievement story it is extraordinary to listen to them.

This is your opportunity to do some coaching with me. Through this workbook you will review your life, rediscover your inner strengths, learn more about YOU and just how rich your Life Achievement story is. You will see the format I have given you is set in time blocks. This should help you to focus. Reviewing a whole lifetime can be a little overwhelming!

How to write your Life Achievement story
1. There are templates for you to use in this workbook to download here.
2. You are going to need a pen
3. The last bit of preparation is some uninterrupted peace and quiet in a comfy space.
Ok, let’s begin:
I’m going to ask you to review your life to date: making a note of all the positive personal history, and there will be an abundance of skills and talents. The trick is simply giving yourself the opportunity and time to go looking for it! You will also be focusing on and reviewing various relationships you have had with different people. It’s extraordinary how influential some relationships are, even short and fleeting ones. How they are formed and conducted can define us, or so we believe.

When it comes to clarifying specifically your talents, achievements and PASSIONS, a lot of my clients find it challenging at first. Very few of us are good at blowing our own trumpet Take your time. This is a creative process – your Life Achievement story, your way. A technique that will help is visualising this process as if you are looking through a photo album. I found myself doing this and it created an objective distance.

When I started my Life Achievement story, I found it easier to start in childhood and move into adulthood. If you prefer to work from today and work backwards, or relate each period to a country you have lived in, as one client did, that’s ok too.

When reviewing your life there are three key elements you need to focus on:
1. Relationships
2. Your skills and talents.
3. Life Achievements that make you feel proud and passionate.
Before you start, let’s explore these three critical areas:

There is an abundance of learning that you have done within all of your relationships. The following list includes some of the roles that you may have played and probably still are and this is all part of your life story. Unless you are a hermit, relationships are the foundation of what drives us.

Human beings want to be connected. How we form relationships and taking the time to understand what they teach us about ourselves is invaluable.

  • Daughter
  • Aunt 
  • Life partner
  • Son
  • Uncle
  • Parent
  • Sister
  • Friend
  • Citizen
  • Brother
  • Colleague
  • Cousin
  • Spouse

To help you I’m going to quote my coach. Her
words have stuck with me and act as a filter to what
I aspire to be, in all of my relationships from my
husband, kids and friends to the person serving me
in the supermarket: