Making and using your Life Vision board


1.    Tools:
–    Large piece of strong card
–    Glue stick
–    Scissors
–    Big pile of magazines and newspapers
–    Four hours of uninterrupted peace
–    Background music
–    Food and drink
–    An open mind!

2.    Once you have gathered together your tools, simply flick through every page of your magazines and cut ANYTHING that positively resonates with you visually or emotionally. You are working with your subconscious, so don’t over think it! Just let it flow. Some clients need a specific focus for making their Life Vision board. Examples include career, relationship, home and weddings – you get the idea. It is your board, so it’s completely up to you. I always do at least one board a year focused on my next 12 months. However, when I need to make a specific decision like buying a new house, then that is a Life Vision board in itself.

You DON’T have to be skilled in drawing or see yourself as a creative person to do this. It’s just your choice of words and pictures gathered together in one place. The most powerful images are those that you have a passionate feeling about. I have clients who have Life Vision boards that they could sell as a piece of art. Other clients rip out a few pictures and randomly stick them on a piece of paper. The impact is the same. Both methods get results and build a foundation for your future. If, after working with all the magazines you have at your disposal you still don’t quite find what you want, get on the internet and find them.

3.   Once you have your unique (and possibly huge) pile, leave it for a while and relax. Think about what has come into your mind. It is interesting to notice what your subconscious or creative self is trying to say. If you feel like it, write down what you are noticing. Be aware of how you are feeling and enjoy it! This is a truly amazing opportunity that you are creating for yourself – building a path for your dreams and goals to make their way into your real life.

4.   Now sort your collection into three piles:
Pile one: Absolutely must haves for my board!
Pile two: Not sure, but I don’t want to let it go just yet.
Pile three: What on earth was I thinking!?

5. Start sticking your ‘must have’ pile onto the board. There is no right or wrong way. Some people have a central picture that is the main focus and work around that. I don’t, I just start anywhere and let it take its own form. Quite a few clients have put a picture of themselves or their family in the centre. Some are mainly words, others pictures. Whatever floats your boat.

6. Once completed, you will need to find a safe and prominent place to display your Life Vision board. I use the word ‘safe’ not in a ‘it might get damaged’ way, more just be a little careful who sees it. These are your goals and your dreams and to my mind, some of the most precious and special things that you possess. Unless you trust someone, I strongly suggest that at first, you don’t share too much of what you are manifesting. Doubters are everywhere, be warned!

7. Live with your Life Vision board and let it work as your inspiration and guide to achieving the life you want to. At first it can be overwhelming to have a visual representation of your inner thinking sat on your desk. About a week after I had done my first Life Vision board I was a bit freaked out to be honest. I remember sitting in my office looking at it intently and feeling quite emotional. I was excited to think that this is me - my wants and desires; but at the same time being nervous of who I would be if I achieved all this!