Refining your life values

Now we need to refine your values into your CORE values – those you will live by and focus on. The next couple of exercises will support you in doing just that. There are many ways to kickstart what I call our creative self, the part of you that is brave enough to develop an idea without any understanding of where it will go. Suspend your logical thinking side. Go with your
feelings, think big.

Complete the following questions in your journal or workbook

Sian - intro


If you could spend some time talking to any high profile person living or dead who inspires you, who would it be? Who jumps into your head? These people are likely to show their core values in how they live their life. You can begin to see what Life Values you admire by recognising them in other people. And see what level of success is possible when you are living with your values!


Describe what it is about this person’s characteristics that you would like to be living for yourself.


What do you think their Life Values are?


What would you like to ask them about how their Life Values enabled them to be who they were/are? How did their values help them when the going got tough, or when they achieved extraordinary things in their life?


What has this uncovered for you about your own Life Values?
What have you learnt about yourself from doing this exercise?

Your message to the world

If you were living with your Life Values in a perfect way (and none of us are!) how would that help you change your world?

You have been given five minutes on prime time TV to promote your message to the whole world.

What would your message be? – This is no time to hide your light under a bushel!

As an example, I did some values work with a group of public relations professionals. Interestingly when I gave them this task, they wanted to use their prime time to recommend a ban on advertising to anyone under 10 years of age. After spending time focusing on their core values, suddenly selling fizzy drinks to children just didn’t seem right.

I’m not suggesting you need to change the world literally (though it’s absolutely fine with me if you do!),
you may want to support community gardens or cycling pathways, both of which have been done by clients of mine.

This is your moment to find your voice and give power to your Life Values.

As another example, I have a client who took this piece of work and made it his life ambition.
He worked in a corporate world that revolved around breathtaking amounts of money. His prime time TV message told the world that every child should be educated and encouraged to save from a very young age. He believed that people don’t reach the levels of independence and freedom that would make them happy, because they were frightened of money and didn’t know how to do basic things like save and invest wisely.

What happened next was a lesson for us all in living in congruence and focusing our Life Values. From this imaginary beginning, he lobbied important people in his workplace and successfully secured sponsorship money to create a financial literacy programme for schools.


You have been given five minutes on prime TV to promote your message to the whole world. What would your message on TV be to the world?


How would the world be different because of your influence?


What have you learnt about yourself by doing this exercise and how does it relate to your Life Values?