Values guide us in working out who we are and what we stand for. Evaluating them provides direction and integrity in making decisions about our lives and how we want to live.
So knowing your values and learning to use them as a guide to living is the foundation of understanding yourself and actively choosing who you want to be in the world.

About this course

This would be an intro to the course. Just using this as an eg

I offer this course to you with the same explanation I give to every client I work with. I’m not here to judge you…ever! If you are reading this it’s probably because you want or need to change something in your life. This course will help you build solid foundations so that the changes you choose and the decisions you need or want to make will be so much easier.

I give every client that I work with the same information: before we create change in our lives, we need to take time to review who we are and what we stand for . Once we understand our own personal values, we can know where to direct our energy and how to make the right choices for us to succeed in our own and very personal life journey.

Knowing and understanding our core values is the single most important piece of work you will ever do in relation to any self-development work.


Over the next three weeks, you will receive three workbooks: Life Values, Life Vision and then lastly Life Mission. Each will represent a step on your journey to creating your foundations – your values. This will involve different things to everyone doing the course. Take your time and think of this first workbook as housekeeping -we’re clearing the decks and making sure there aren’t any damp, dark corners where past issues and negativity stop you from living your life your way!

You’re going to need a little peace and space. For some it will be a silent room, for others a library or local café. Turn off your phone and respect your right for some ‘you’ time. I know some of you will read this and immediately think ‘ What’s that?’ In ten years I have never met anyone who couldn’t find time once they truly looked.

You can choose how you do the course. Print out the workbooks or if you prefer do it straight onto your computer. It is fair to say that you may well find this process an emotional experience at times. Be kind to yourself, allow time for contemplation and remember to breathe.
I have brought this material together for you with love and a passion for supporting people to grow and I ask that you respect the copyright. So if your friends are interested in doing it themselves, please direct them to my website

Enjoy the journey!